Two Fitness Coaches Get Swept Out to Sea and Die, Wife Films Tragedy

This is an unbelievable video that is just so tragic.

A fitness instructor jumped into rough water to save his friend, but it ended horribly and his wife caught it all on video.

According to TMZ:

The dramatic video shows Daniil Gagarin leaping into the choppy waters to save his friend and fellow fitness expert Emma Mönkkönen at the La Zorra cove in the resort town of Torrevieja, Spain.

Through it all ... Daniil's wife, Darya, is filming the incident. At one point you can see Daniil gets a hold of Emma and they're both holding on to a rock. Darya's screaming to her husband, but suddenly a violent wave crashes on top of them and they're swept out into the Mediterranean sea.

More HERE and below!

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