Cats Can Make Nearly 300 Different Facial Expressions

Dog and cat choosing between veggies and meat

Photo: WebSubstance / iStock / Getty Images

Here's Today's Feel-Good Story:

According to a new study, cats are very socially active and can make 276 expressions with their faces, made up of 26 facial movements. Dogs use 27 movements and humans use 44 of them.

Cats can use their lips, jaws, pupils, binks, noses, and various ear positions to show expression!

“It was surprising to see them play-fighting, and then things escalated into an aggressive encounter,” said researcher Brittany Florkiewicz. “You can see a change in their facial expressions. At first one cat’s eyes were more relaxed and its ears and whiskers were pushed forward, a movement to get closer to the other cat. But then things got ugly, and it moved its ears and whiskers backward — its demeanor changed pretty quickly.”

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