Three Crocodiles Push Stray Dog In The River Back To Safety

Monty The Bear Cub

Photo: Mike Linnane / 500px / 500px / Getty Images

Here's Today's Feel-Good Story:

After a young dog was being chased by a pack of feral dogs, it tried to cross the Savitri River in India and was immediately surrounded by three crocodiles.

Instead of devouring the pup, the three crocs touched noses and nudged the lost dog back to safety.

"These crocodiles were actually touching the dog with their snout and nudging it to move further for a safe ascent on the bank and eventually escape," researchers wrote. "...Given that the mugger was well within the striking range and could have easily devoured the dog, yet none of them attacked and instead chose to nudge it towards the bank, implies that the hunger drive was absent."

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