Dementia Can Be Fended Off With Vitamin D Supplements

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Here's Today's Feel-Good Story:

According to a new, large-scale study with 12,388 participants who did not have dementia when they signed up, taking vitamin D supplements may help to ward off dementia.

University of Calgary’s Brain Institute in Canada and the University of Exeter in the UK researchers partnered with the US National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center to complete this study with an average participant age of 71.

37% of the participants took vitamin D supplements and found that they had fewer dementia diagnoses than the rest of the group.

“We know that vitamin D has some effects in the brain that could have implications for reducing dementia, however so far, research has yielded conflicting results." said Professor Zahinoor Ismail, of the University of Calgary and University of Exeter,

“Our findings give key insights into groups who might be specifically targeted for vitamin D supplementation. Overall, we found evidence to suggest that earlier supplementation might be particularly beneficial, before the onset of cognitive decline.”

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