Group Reroutes 250 Million Pounds Of Food From Landfills For Those Who Need


Photo: Getty Images

Here's today's feel-good story:

A non-profit group based in Los Angeles is helping to reroute perishing produce to needy communities.

Buying fresh produce can be difficult due to a combination of government fiscal policy and centrally-planned response to COVID.

The group, known as Food Forward, has rerouted 250 million pounds of food from landfills. The group works with 350 direct partners to coordinate the donations.

“We understood workflows well enough, we understood efficiencies, we understood the network and how food flows through the L.A. area, the contiguous county, and the region,” CEO Rick Nahmias said.

“We’re all kind of under this umbrella, feeling like the last 10 years for Food Forward were a dress rehearsal for the pandemic.”

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