Millennials Not Brushing Their Teeth? I asked a Lewis Center Dentist Why

Millennials are not brushing their teeth.

A recent study discovered that only 30 percent of Millennials clean their teeth daily.  2,000 Americans were surveyed, and the repulsive results revealed that the average Millennial goes more than two days in a row without brushing their teeth... even ONCE a day.  #Gross

The second concern is that people aren't going to a dentist.


62 percent are simply afraid to go.

More on the study, the top reason Americans avoid the dentist, and the top excuses they use HERE!

My neighbor is a Lewis Center dentist so I asked him if this is common, what it could lead to, and what needs to be done...!

Justin Dugas of Dugas Dental explained what's happening in our video discussion posted below... 

I asked Justin if the reports about MILLENNIALS NOT BRUSHING THEIR TEETH for DAYS at a time are true, and if dentists are commonly seeing this. 

His response?

"Unfortunately it is true. I actually have patients who tell me, maybe on a daily basis, that they are brushing their teeth ONCE a day. It may be a little more rare for them not to be brushing for days at a time but, it is pretty common that a lot of times they brush in the morning, and they don't brush in the evening." 

Dr. Dugas says that ideally we should brush our teeth twice a day.  We should brush our teeth for two minutes in the morning, for another two minutes at night, and we should floss once a day.

Dr. Dugas explains, "It's the fear that something is going to be painful, that something is going to be uncomfortable, that something is going to be expensive. But dentistry has come such a long way in the last 15 or 20 years. Topical anesthetic is so much better, people don't feel the pinch of the needle, and anesthetics work better, so we can get you completely numb. It's really NOT the same dentistry your parents were used to getting." 

I also asked Dr. Dugas about other serious complications one could face from not regularly seeing their dentist...

He explained that there is research linking gum disease to heart disease.  Yikes!

We all have trillions of bacteria in our mouths, and if we are not taking good care of our teeth, that bacteria can enter our bloodstream!  There's also research linking dementia and Alzheimer's to this bacteria. Heart disease remains the most common concern.  

Remember, brush your teeth twice a day.  Brush two minutes in the morning, another two minutes at night, and floss once a day. 


(My discussion with Dr. Dugas below)

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