Ohio Restaurant Serves The Best Pizza In The State

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It's hard to find another dish that can bring people together like pizza. From family game nights to hanging out with friends, basically every situation can be taken to the next level enhanced with a cheesy slice smothered in all of your favorite toppings. Far & Wide searched around the country for "out-of-this-world amazing" pizza, compiling a list of the best pies in each state based on TripAdvisor reviews.

According to the site, you can find the best pizza in all of Ohio at Pizza Crossing in Logan. Try one of their specialty pizzas, like the spicy Mexican Pizza with salsa and jalapeños or the Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza, with Alfredo sauce, mushrooms and provolone cheese. You can also create your own pizza with any of their tasty toppings to create your perfect bite.

It's not just the pizza that has customers coming back; even the breadsticks are "well worth breaking the bank for." Pizza Crossing is located at 58 N. Mulberry Street in Logan, but there is another location not far away in Lancaster at 1407 Tiki Lane.

Here's what some reviewers had to say about their visit to Pizza Crossing:

"Some of the most delicious pizza we've ever eaten — my husband even at the crust, which is unheard of."
"We got a pepperoni pizza and breadsticks. The breadsticks were split in half and filled with garlic butter and cheese! All the food was delicious!"

Check out the full list at Far & Wide to see where you can find the best pizza in each state. According to Yelp, other highly-rated pizza can be found at Your Mom's Pizzeria and Balboa's in Cincinnati, Tyler's Pizzeria & Bakery and Pie of the Tiger in Columbus, and Joe De's Brick Oven Pizza and Il Rione in Cleveland.

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