This Is How Many Dinosaur Fossils Have Been Found In Ohio

T-Rex Dinosaur Skull, Sharp Teeth Abound!

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Humans' fascination with dinosaurs dates back centuries. Before the scientific designation of a group of animals called dinosaurs came sometime in the 1840s, some believed the dinosaur fossils they found were anything from massive dragon bones to the bones of a human giant. Since then, every American state has searched their soil for dinosaur fossils.

Stacker compiled a list of the states with the most dinosaur fossil finds. They consulted the Paleobiology Database, a non-profit public resource that brings together fossil records from research institutions around the world, to make their ranking. Ohio came in at no. 27 with 41 total fossils recorded. All 41 fossils are from the Holocene time period, and 5 are from the Meleagris genus. Here's what they had to say about it:

The Ohio Geological Survey reports several fossil-rich sites throughout a few official Buckeye State museums, including Caesar Creek, Crown Lake, Stonelick, and Trammel Fossil. Some fossils dating back 500 million years may not be exact dinosaur relics due to sea level erosion—but that doesn’t mean they’re not monstrous. Take, for example, the 20-foot, one-ton Dunkleosteus found near Cleveland, which is most definitely a dinosaur fish.

While Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin all have no recorded dinosaur fossils, California comes in at no. 1 with 1,988 fossils.

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