Bad Weather Coming For Ohio: Farmer's Almanac Predicts 'Hibernation Zone'

Man cleaning a car from the snow after a snowfall

Photo: Getty Images

Although this summer has been unseasonably hot, it might be time to start stocking up on hot chocolate, flannels and other winter essentials. The Farmer's Almanac has predicted most of the United States is gearing up to experience record-breaking cold temperatures, snow, rain and mush.

The first glimpse of winter is predicted to come earlier than it did last year, according to the Farmer's Almanac. December is expected to be cold and stormy nationwide, and an active storm pattern is anticipated to develop and stick around for most of the winter season over the eastern half of the country. On the bright side, maybe we will have a white Christmas this year?

The Farmer's Almanac declared the upper midwest a "hibernation zone," and predicts Ohio will experience "unreasonably cold and snowy" weather. In addition, they said some areas could experience record-cold temperatures — 40 degrees below zero, to be exact. Here's what they had to say about the Ohio Valley in particular:

The I-95 corridor can be included in this winter mix zone with places to the north of the track seeing the precipitation fall more as snow and at times, a lot of it. This may be especially true over the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes area.

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