Have You Tried The Best Ramen In Ohio?

A young woman is eating a bowl of ramen on a wooden table

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The most popular ramen in all of Ohio is located in the heart of the states largest city. This one-stop-ramen-shop has become a staple for locals and a favorite among visitors.

According to Lovefood, the best ramen in all of Ohio is Yuzu Soy Mazemen, Meshikou Ramen located in Columbus. Yuzu Soy Mazemen, Meshikou Ramen is popular due to the abundance of flavor contained in the broth, and the sweetness of the noodles. They offer a homemade soy dressing and customers can choose from a variety of additions including shredded seaweed, mushrooms, spring onions and more! They offer chicken and pork broth among a long list of meats including pork belly, chicken, and pork tenderloin.

Here is what Lovefood had to say about the best ramen in Ohio:

"If you're not a ramen purist, then the offerings at Meshikou Ramen in Ohio's capital might be for you. The brothless Yuzu Soy Mazemen is a perfect pick, with noodles lifted with a sweet Japanese yuzu (sometimes referred to as ponzu) soy dressing and then finished with pork tenderloin or belly and shredded seaweed. There's a range of ramen dishes built on a savory chicken broth too."

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