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What if?

  • What if you were one of the 1 in 8 women in America who will hear the words “You have breast cancer.”?
  • What if you are one of the 2,000 women in the Komen Columbus service area who receives a breast cancer diagnosis this year?
  • What if you know one of the 415 women in the Komen Columbus service area who dies from breast cancer this year?

We at Komen Columbus are proud and passionate about several numbers. We want to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50% by the year 2026. To do this, Komen invested $166 million in more than 400 research grants and 40 clinical trials focused on Metastatic Breast Cancer; that’s a cancer that spreads beyond the breast to other organs. We’re proud of those numbers, but we also focus on a specific number.



What can you do when you’re done reading to better empower yourself to fight and beat breast cancer for good?

Here are the four most common “what if” questions Komen Columbus receives about breast cancer and what you can do right now to help yourself, your family, your friends, and your community.

What if I don’t know where to start?

You’re not alone. Many people ask that question. There are more programs out there to help than you might suspect. Anyone in need of assistance, from screening to diagnosis to care, can utilize this website to learn about breast cancer programs that receive Komen Columbus grant support.  It’s literally a click away and broken down geographically. 

National studies also show links between family history and risk of breast cancer. Komen Columbus has a new tool for recording your family history.

Both tools are 100% free and easy to use.

What if I can’t afford breast cancer screening?

You’re not alone. A lack of money and time shouldn’t keep you from getting care. Komen Columbus has a screening calendar. Many of these events include professionals who can help families deal with insurance and identify low or no cost options. Mobile units are perfect for the busy woman.

What if I have breast cancer?

You’re not alone. Komen Columbus has a treatment assistance fund that can help patients pay non-medical expenses. 

Komen Columbus also has support staff that can help families navigate the care process.  There are also online interactive learning tools to help deal with specific situations.

What if I want to help?

You’re not alone. Columbus is a global leader in the fight against breast cancer.  The 26th Annual Komen Columbus Race for the Cure was the largest race in the country, with more than 21,000 participants in downtown Columbus.  Seventy-five percent of race proceeds, nearly $2 million, fund local community programs that help our central Ohio neighbors get screening and treatment services; the other 25 percent fund global breast cancer research. Running and walking is easy; so, make a calendar reminder for the third weekend in May.

We also take online donations every day of the year. Financial donations from people just like you provided more than 9,000 services so far this year. Of those 9,000 service offerings, breast cancer was found in more than 100 women, and 8,900 women received the peace of mind. Komen Columbus was then able to help those women access needed care more quickly.

What if?

What if we lived in a world without breast cancer. That world is closer than you think, and Komen Columbus works tirelessly to make that dream a reality for you, your family, and everyone. Helping women fight breast cancer is what we do, and it’s impossible without your time and trust. Let’s work together to beat breast cancer once and for all.

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